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BOXmini™ SCP

BOXmini™ SCP

Single-cell proteomics (SCP) has always posed unique challenges, especially given the intricate nature of proteins. The BOXmini™ SCP by acxel, powered by digital microfluidics technology, offers a streamlined approach to MS-based single-cell proteomics. With features like high-throughput single-cell sorting and rapid sample preparation, it adeptly addresses the technical hurdles of SCP sample preparation. In essence, the BOXmini™ SCP sets a new standard in precision biology research, making SCP more efficient and accessible.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Single-Cell Sorting:
    • Single chip processes hundreds of cells simultaneously.
    • 30% likelihood of generating single-cell droplets with a 100% sorting success rate.
  • Integrated & User-Friendly Automation:
    • BOXmini™ SCP offers reprogrammable features and scalability.
    • Comprehensive workflow includes single-cell sorting, lysis, digestion, and labelling, all on one chip.
  • Preservation with Trace Amount System:
    • Uses minimal reaction volumes (as low as 20 nL).
    • Oil-encapsulated droplets prevent evaporation and loss, maximising protein yield.
  • Ultra-High Efficiency:
    • Superior reaction efficiency with the entire process completed in about 2 hours.
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