DMatrix™ The open ecosystem--DM sys 2 official launch

DMatrix™ The open ecosystem--DM sys 2 official launch

On the 19th of September, 2023, ACXEL officially released the DMatrix™ open ecosystem for active-matrix digital microfluidics, which opens a new chapter in the digital microfluidics field.

In just 4 months, DMatrix™ has garnered hundreds of trial applications worldwide. Demonstrating the great utility to industrial, academic, and research users for active digital microfluidic technology.

Researchers aspire to advance their research and product development through the unique capabilities of active digital microfluidics in manipulating small liquid droplets.

Numerous international institutions having seen the DMatrix™ in action, expressed a strong interest in its forward-looking digital microfluidic technology. ACXEL is leading the global effort to revolutionise digital microfluidics.

Today, due to our innovation, we are proud to introduce the DM sys 2—a fully integrated system designed specifically for digital microfluidic experiments.

DM sys 2

The DM Sys 2 isn't just a tool – it's a handy helper for various automated sample prep tasks and complex biochemical experiments. With the DM Ctrl software, users can quickly generate hundreds of microdroplet samples with single cell precision, allowing for easy positioning and precise control. Users can visually monitor each sample in real-time, overseeing every stage of their biochemical reactions.

DM sys 2 elevates active-matrix digital microfluidic technology to a new age, a paradigm shift. DM sys 2 possesses powerful performance and robustly designed. It will provide industrial, academic, and research users with broader and more flexible technical choices, unlocking new possibilities for life science research.


ACXEL has always led the continuous technological progress of active-matrix digital microfluidic technology.

The company has now introduced the AM16K biochip. The performance of the AM16K biochip has seen a significant improvement compared to the AM4K. The number of electrodes has increased fourfold (16,384 electrodes) in the AM16K biochip, and the minimum manipulation volume of the droplet has been reduced to 3 nL.

AM16K biochip exhibits efficient single-cell sorting and stable manipulation capabilities of droplets. With the driver device DM lite 16K, AM16K biochip will provide life science researchers with an experimental edge featuring higher single-cell throughput and smaller droplet volumes.


DM lite plus series



Attention: To promote the development of the active digital microfluidic industry, DM lite 4K is now fully open source!!! For related files, please visit


ACXEL Tech is willing to work with researchers worldwide, and define the future lab together!

Want to know more about DM sys 2? Please get in touch with us.

We look forward to exploring the future of active digital microfluidic technology with you and creating brilliance in research.

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